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  • Landlords

    You MUST register with the City of Aurora.  Visit or call 630/256-3770.

  • Pet Owners

    Pick up after pets immediately after they “do their business!” Also, pets must be leashed at all times when outside!

  • Unit Owners

    Keep the community beautiful…Pick up and properly dispose of trash that blows around on garbage day! Pick up free newspapers and properly dispose of them instead of letting them accumulate on your driveway! Keep the community safe…Get to know your neighbors and report any suspicious activity you see in the area! Turn on your exterior lights when it is dark out!

  • Lawn Maintenance

    The lawn maintenance season begins on 4/15 of each year and concludes on 11/15 of the same year. Unit Owners are responsible for watering their own trees, shrubs and lawn.

  • Snow Removal

    The snow removal season begins on 11/15 each year and ends on 4/15 of the following year.  The snow removal company will begin removing snow after two consecutive inches of accumulation during a single snow storm.  The snow removal company will repair turf damage caused by snow removal equipment at no charge to the Association.

  • Visitor Parking

    Visitor parking is just for that – visitors! Unit owners are prohibited from using visitor parking as overflow parking for their own vehicles. The owners of vehicles that should not be parked there may be fined.

  • Garbage and recycling

    Please store your garbage and recycling containers inside your unit at all times other than the period beginning the evening prior to and ending on the evening of your scheduled pick-up.

  • Mouse Facts

    Each winter, mice and other rodents invade an estimated 21 million homes in the United States. In most cases, mice enter our homes between October and February looking for food, water and shelter from the cold. Mice eat between 15 and 20 times a day. They usually build their homes near a food source for easy access to snacking. Because mice love food and are fantastic climbers, food in your pantry should be kept in hard sealed containers. Mice are also great jumpers and swimmers. They can jump almost a foot in the air. Mice have the ability to squeeze into very tight spaces. People often wonder how mice entered their home. Any small crack is an opening for them so sealing all cracks and crevices is very important. A female house mouse can give birth when she is two months old and is able to have to up to a dozen babies every three weeks. If you see one mouse, it’s very likely that there are more.

Please remember year round:

  • Pick up after your pet(s) regularly and keep it leashed at all times.
  • Properly repair any turf that is damaged by your pet(s).
  • Water your lawn during the summer months.
  • Pick up newspapers regularly to avoid them from piling up.
  • Store recreational equipment/toy(s) inside your home each day when it is not in use.
  • Do not store trash/recyclables outside your home except between the period beginning the evening prior to and ending on the evening of your pick up.
  • Properly weigh down and tag bags/containers of trash and recyclables when placing them at curbside for pickup.
  • Please be considerate to those around you and keep noise at a respectable level.
  • Be safe and install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors in your home – it’s a law.
  • Be safe and clean your lint trap every time you use your dryer to avoid the duct and exhaust vent from clogging and causing a fire.
  • Be safe and use your grill in strict accordance with the City of Aurora grilling law. Never store a grill inside your home until it has completely cooled off.
  • Repair leaky vehicle(s).
  • Do not park in front of neighboring driveways or in visitor parking on a semi-permanent or permanent basis.
  • Obey all speed limits throughout the community. If there are no speed limit signs, the maximum speed in residential areas is 25 miles per hour.
  • Turn on your exterior lights at night for added security.
  • Report any suspicious/illegal activity to the Police Department.
  • Say hello to and get to know your neighbors!

During the cooler months:

Please note, ice control on private paved surfaces, such as driveways, entry sidewalks and stoops is the duty homeowners/residents. Please disconnect your garden hose (both outside and garage hoses are affected). A connected hose in freezing weather may result in cracked water pipes and flooding. A leak may not occur until the spigot is used the following season.

Plastic is not allowed on the exterior of windows. If you intend to put plastic on your windows this fall for added winter protection, the plastic must be on the interior of your window.

In addition, should you go on vacation during the winter, be sure to keep your furnace at a reasonable temperature setting. Failure to do so could result in frozen pipes, which could burst and flood your unit. Therefore, do not reduce the temperature setting to save on gas, because it may backfire and only add to your expenses due to the resulting property damage.

Concerning frozen pipes on those bitterly cold days, please keep your cabinet doors open so that air can circulate around the pipes. Also, allow the faucet to drip slowly so as to keep the water flowing through the pipes to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Finally, if you have a furnace humidifier, please be sure that the setting is kept at the appropriate level depending on the outside temperature. The colder the outside temperature, the lower the humidity setting must be. If that is not done, condensation will form on the inside of windows and in the dead space areas above the ceiling and in the walls. The resulting effect will be what appears to be a leak, but really is a condensation problem due to the warm air hitting the cold air and condensing into water. Some condensation leaks may become so bad as to appear to be pipes that have burst. They can cause severe drywall damage. Therefore, check your operator manual as to the proper setting in relation to the outside temperature.

Special Note: Please keep your pets leashed at all times and pick up after them when exercising them. Neighbors have been increasingly complaining as have maintenance crews about excessive accumulations of pet waste. Therefore, the association will have no choice but to issue formal complaints against unit owners who violate the city ordinance and association rules. If found guilty, fines will be levied against the responsible unit owners.

Have a safe season!
Please visit this page often as information is added regularly!